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Executive Research 
Masters Fellowship

Strapline about masters

The IVS Executive Research Masters Experience

The IVS Executive Research Masters Fellowship offers an immersive research experience in the study of Vaishnavism, enabling participants to explore the depth and breadth of this religious tradition at an advanced level. At the Institute for Vaishnava Studies, we pride ourselves on an interdisciplinary ethos that melds rigorous analysis of seminal texts with insightful examination of historical and modern-day expressions of Vaishnavism.


Our program is uniquely designed to support individualized scholarly development through a personalized tutorial system, where students are mentored by distinguished faculty to pursue their specific academic interests. The structured progression of the fellowship includes weekly classes and biweekly Graduate Research Seminars, enriching the learning experience. As participants approach the culmination of their studies, they benefit from intensified supervisions and tailored revision classes, ensuring robust support for the crafting of their dissertations.


The Institute for Vaishnava Studies is not confined to a single location but rather exists within a global scholastic network, offering seamless access to specialized resources and fostering connections with an exceptional community of scholars.

Key Features

Interdisciplinary Scholarship
Engage with an expansive curriculum that traverses theological study, historical analysis, and cultural interpretation within Vaishnavism.

Personalized Mentorship

Benefit from one-on-one guidance by leading scholars through a tutorial system that tailors your educational experience to your research interests.

Scholarly Community

Connect and collaborate with an international network of academics and practitioners in vibrant, regularly scheduled seminars and discussions.

Access to Specialized Resources

Utilize a wide array of accessible scholarly materials and resources critical to the advancement of Vaishnava studies.

"The IVS Executive Research Masters Fellowship was a transformative experience that deepened not only my understanding of Vaishnavism but also my personal spiritual practice. The expert guidance and the rich online resources available through the program were unparalleled. This fellowship is a must for anyone serious about pursuing advanced studies in religious traditions."

Aanya K., Class of 2021

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