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Since the ancient & lived Vaishnava traditions exist within, and indeed have helped shape, the variegated spiritual culture that has come to be called Hinduism, it is natural that our program develops within the context of a full range of Hindu Studies on a global and international scale. 

The IVS is a pioneer in preserving ancient manuscripts complemented with innovative research, and it is currently offering academic programs recognized by the Commission for Independent Education, Department of Education in the State of Florida, USA. 

We facilitate rigorous scholarly discourses through our conferences and our flagship publication, The Journal of Vaishnava Studies, which is the longest-running academic journal in Hindu Studies in the Western world. 

Academic Programs

Research Fellowship.png

Research Fellowship

Our research fellowship pursues groundbreaking research and contributes to academic discourse. This program is specifically tailored for aspiring scholars in Vaishnava studies.

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