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Nurturing Scholars, Promoting Research, Enriching Culture

The Institute for Vaishnava Studies (IVS) is a research consortium which has been engaging scholars, educators, intellectuals, students, and community leaders since 1982.

IVS spearheads innovative research, offers non-credit academic programs, and facilitates scholarly discourse through esteemed publications, including the Journal of Vaishnava Studies – the longest-running academic journal on Hindu Studies in the Western world.

Our Mission

The IVS is committed to a rigorous standard of scholarship animated by sincere interfaith relationships. We aim to offer a welcoming space for theological studies, and wish to support academic scholars who will contribute to the field of Vaishnava Studies.

The purpose of our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization is to incorporate scholars and scholarly resources from academic and religious communities. We seek further understanding and scholarship within all aspects of Vaishnavism.

Our organization focuses on teaching and researching history, theology, philosophy, languages, cultures, etc and the scope of our work encompasses Vaishnava traditions from their ancient Indian roots to their present manifestations. 

We encourage responsiveness to both practitioner and academic approaches by encouraging members to consider multiple, interdisciplinary perspectives while they grow with the IVS. 

Have Questions ? Ask Us

If you have any questions or would like to support our work, please contact us.

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