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Research Fellowship

Online Research Fellowship

The purpose of the IVS Executive Research Masters Fellowship at the Institute for Vaishnava Studies is to facilitate research fellows to undertake interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with IVS Faculty Fellows. Over a period of nine to twenty four months, fellows collaboratively complete their project on a specific area of common interest, and defend their thesis for a theological degree conferred by the IVS.

Key Features

Interdisciplinary Approach

This fellowship encourages interdisciplinary thinking, and promotes the integration of diverse perspectives, offering a rich and comprehensive understanding of Vaishnava Studies.

Flexible Duration

Tailor your fellowship experience to your needs, with options to pursue the program between 9 - 24  months so you can progress at your pace.

Faculty Collaboration

Work alongside distinguished faculty members, explore prospective grants, and organize workshops, seminars, or conferences in your area of research.

Customized Research Project

Shape your research journey by designing a project tailored to your interests and academic goals, ensuring a meaningful and fulfilling experience.

Theological Excellence

Upon completion of the fellowship, graduates will receive a theological diploma: A Master of Theology, or Minstry, or Divinity degree in Vaishnava Studies as recommended by their supervisor, examiner, and program director, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to the study and/or practice of Vaishnava traditions.

The IVS Executive Research Masters Experience

This program offers an immersive research experience, enabling participants to explore the depth and breadth of their chosen area of research equivalent to a Masters and Doctoral graduate level. The Institute for Vaishnava Studies is committed to providing an interdisciplinary approach, allowing students to engage with primary source texts, historical contexts, and contemporary manifestations of the tradition and issues.

The program fosters individualized learning by its tutorial system, encouraging participants to develop their specific interests in consultation with expert faculty members. Throughout the program, candidates will 1.participate in the Graduate Research Seminar every two weeks. In the final term, additional supervisions and revision classes are offered to support students in completing their dissertations, alongside the ongoing Graduate Research Seminar. The Faculty Fellows encourage, support, and facilitate the presentation and publication of research in academic journals and venues.

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